Targeted Resumes

Targeted Resumes

Industry-Targeted Executive Resumes

Targeted and specific – These are qualities that your targeted executive resume designed to land a position in a specific industry such as insurance, health care, or financial services must exhibit. When working with an executive resume service with a specific industry target in mind, you need to engage a firm that will serve as a key partner in development of a highly targeted executive resume. Your executive resume writer will apply specialized knowledge of what it takes to make your qualifications stand out to employers in your targeted industry, whether it be one of the above or perhaps high technology manufacturing, hospitality, law, real estate, information technology consulting or services, or any number of others.

Never is the process of keyword development more critical than in a resume targeted to a specific industry. With so many applicable acronyms, phrases, and terms, it requires diligence to ensure that this key data is included in your resume. Without it, your executive resume may be missed altogether in keyword searches for positions for which you are well qualified.

For example, a financial services or insurance executive resume will likely include certifications and licenses attained, such as Series 24, Series 7, state insurance licenses,  types of financial and insurance products and lines of business including Health, Life, Dental, and Disability insurance or mutual funds, annuities, etc. Also relevant could be knowledge of HCFA/CMS financial reporting, underwriting guidelines, and other industry specific procedures.

A health care executive’s resume may include such terms as case management, electronic claims processing, management service organization (MSO), primary care, provider relations, peer review, JCAHO compliance, quality of care, risk management, utilization review, and the list goes on. You’ll want to indicate familiarity with major technologies and information systems specific to your area of expertise or to hospital, clinic, or practice management.

In the Telecommunications and Information Technology industries, terms such as applications development, CASE tools, client/server architecture, data communications, disaster recovery, EDI, frame relay, GUI, JAD, systems integration, technology transfer, VoIP, may be key to ensuring your resume pops up in a database search or passes an initial screening by a live reader.

You can see that “one size fits all” does not apply in development of an executive resume targeting a specific industry. While general skills important to your functional area (such as Sales Management, Business Development, Information Technology, Operations, or General Management) will be applicable in most any industry, your targeted industry will also be greatly interested in knowledge and skills peculiar to that setting.

Are Keyword Summaries Important?
It was the fashion at one time to include “keyword summaries” in resumes, which were essentially laundry lists of every possible word or phrase that had something to do with a particular profession and/or industry. However, as resumes and the systems that analyze them have evolved, keyword summaries have fallen out of favor. Rather, you will want to weave terms relevant to your specific industry and skill set throughout your document, as an integral part of the description of your responsibilities and accomplishments for each step in your career.

Tips for Writing a Targeted Executive Resume
For some core principles of executive resume writing that will help you to win interviews in your targeted industry, see this article: How to Write a Dynamite Executive Resume – With Samples. You will also be able to access executive resume samples illustrating implementation of these principles, and additional articles on specific topics related to writing your executive resume.

A Final Word: Don’t Forget to Get the Word Out to Your Targeted Audience
Equally important to your industry-specific job search is strategic distribution and utilization of online resources. Generally speaking, the greater exposure you afford your resume, the better are your chances of finding the perfect match in an executive position. For example, in the insurance industry, sites such can help. Highly ranked by at #70,998 for traffic volume, your executive resume posted on this site will garner exposure to insurance industry hiring executives throughout the U.S. Professional associations for particular industries will also often provide the opportunity to upload your resume to their databases. Visit our Web Resource Center for links to other industry-specific recruiter and web resources.