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Year: 2006

Online Networking – Are You Missing the Boat?

Savvy executives in job search mode use the Internet extensively as they submit their resumes to executive-level boards, upload them to recruiting firms’ sites, and research companies to learn more

Are Executives Suffering from Job Search Reality Disconnect?

These fascinating statistics were passed on to me through a recent Career Masters Institute member newletter: WEDDLE’s continuously conducts both primary and secondary research on Best Practices in employment excellence

Why Do CEO’s Get Fired?

Top executives will want to know the reasons why CEO’s get fired, and employ best practices for CEO and board survival. A recent Career Masters Institute E-Bridge (internal association newsletter)

Is Your Executive Resume Keyword Optimized?

As an executive I am sure you wisely put substantial effort into ensuring your resume powerfully articulates your value proposition to potential employers. But do you realize how critical it

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Typos Hazardous for Your Career Health

Typos in your executive resume could be fatal to your candidacy for a position, according to a recent survey cited in the newsletter of the National Association of Workforce Development

Made in America?

Now I am not a fan of isolationism or the buy only products “Made in America” philosophy. We are increasingly a global economy, and we better all get used to

P.S. to “How to Damage a Hard-Won Reputation in 2 Minutes”

After a firestorm of negative publicity about the mean trick Fox Sports played on a loyal Panthers football fan (see blog entry for 9/6), Fox has apparently reluctantly done the

How to Damage a Hard-Won Reputation with Your Customers in 2 Minutes

OK, so this is not strictly related to executive job search or to executive resume writing. But what happened on national TV on August 24 to an ardent fan of

Tech Execs: Wondering Where the Next Technology Hub Will Be?

A recent article in eWeek discussed the lively debate going on in the corporate world and in major business, technology, and local government publications regarding where the nation’s next major

Angling Around HR – Good or Bad Tactic?

Nick Corcodilos, author of the popular (and free) Ask the Headhunter newsletter/ezine, routinely advises readers who write in to his column to go directly to hiring decision makers and either