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Month: July 2006

“Fluff” Words Are Needed in Your Executive Resume – Judiciously Used

An article appeared recently on CNN.com listing “25 words that hurt your resume.” Included were such words and phrases as: Aggressive, Ambitious, Competent, Creative, Detail-oriented, Determined, Efficient, Experienced, Flexible, Goal-oriented,

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Honeymoon Over with Outsourcing?

eWeek recently published a study proclaiming that the outsourcing boom is over, as companies grow more savvy about working with outsourcing providers and look beyond the cost savings to the

Are Plain Text Resumes Still Necessary?

My clients sometimes ask if it is any longer necessary to have a text, ASCII, or “e-resume” version, considering the continued advancements in Internet and computer technology. While the sites

How Many Employers Acknowledge Resumes They Receive?

Workforce Week Newsletter recently published the results of a survey of employers regarding their practices in responding to resumes they receive. Regarding the question, “What is your company’s practice for

Forbes Cites Top Executive Job and Recruiter Sites

My senior executive resume clients and blog visitors will want to review Forbes’ annual review of the top executive job and recruiter sites. (Note to reader: Forbes has since removed the

Angel Investing Dollars on the Rise

If you have a great business idea or are looking for additional funds for an existing business, you will be glad to hear that the Puget Sound Business Examiner Daily