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Year: 2007

How to Sabotage Your Job Search with Your Resume

An article entitled “25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume” published a few days ago over on HR World’s blog made me chuckle. Not because most of the

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Beware of “Career Marketing” Predators

Recently the topic of career marketing firms came up as I was talking with one of my executive clients, who indicated he had been contacted by several and wasn’t sure

Free Career Networking E-Book

CareerHub, a group careers blog I co-author, has released a series of free eBooks featuring advice from some of the country’s top career experts. The latest is on networking–which is

Is the Online Networking Craze All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

All the buzz in career professional circles these days seems to be around the emergence of online or virtual networking through social and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and

Executive Job Search Length Shrinking

According to ExecuNet, now may be the best time in the last 15 years for executives to launch a search for a new position. Their 1992 survey results showed that

Many Employers CANNOT View Your Windows Vista or Word 2007 Resume!

I was alerted this morning in one of my association newsletters to an issue that could have very serious consequences for executives sending their resumes to recruiters and employers as

Monster.com Site Hacked: Be Alert for Phishing Scam!

Hackers successfully breached security at Monster.com this week in one of the largest such online incidents in recent history, stealing personal information on more than 100,000 job candidates who had

Scammers, Spammers, Spoofers, and Phishers: Dangers in the Online Job Search Jungle

Online job search has truly revolutionized career transition in many ways, and I have personally witnessed many success stories of those who have leveraged job sites to identify leads, win

Top 10 Online Job Sites

Are you using the Web as just one item (I hope) in your comprehensive executive job search toolkit? If so, the following rankings of the most popular websites gathered by

How Recruiters Treat the Resume You Send

Wondering what happens to your resume when you e-mail it to an executive recruiter as part of a job search campaign? Contrary to long-standing conventional wisdom, many recruiters are actually