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Month: June 2016

Why Can’t I List References on My Executive Resume?

canstockphoto16793760Back in the Stone Age of resume writing, it was not uncommon to see listings of a candidate’s professional references at the end of the document, including full contact information. Then in the Bronze Age, we advanced to a simple statement “References Available Upon Request” at the bottom of the last page.

Today, you are showing your age or that you are out of step with current practices if you do either of the above. Take a look at any site displaying sample executive resumes, and you will see that listing your references on the resume is not accepted practice. This alone is enough reason to avoid including references on your executive resume, but here are a few others:

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After the Executive Job Interview: Be Sure to Send a Thank-You Letter!

Thank You KeyboardcanstockphotoOne of the first things your parents taught you as a toddler was to say “please” and “thank you.” For some reason, as adults some tend to forget the power of “Thank You” in cementing good social and professional relations, let alone making a favorable impression with potential employers.

Once you’ve won that coveted first or second interview, don’t forget that it is critical to thank EVERYONE you interviewed with, and also the recruiter who may have helped you to make that connection.

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Remembering “The Greatest”–Muhammad Ali

Muhammad-AliKnown for his passion for boxing, his wit and eloquence, and his involvement in social issues, I remember Ali as a prominent figure as I was growing up. I decided that his passing deserved note on my Executive Resumes Blog, because of the determination, ambition, perseverance, philanthropy, and unmitigated success of his career—things to which most executives would aspire.