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2018 Top Companies to Work For

LinkedIn has an updated list of the top companies to work for in 2018, along with a lot of information about each company.

These companies are where LinkedIn has concluded that professionals most want to work —  based on the actions of 546 million LinkedIn members throughout the world, 146 million just in the U.S.

Their list is based on four factors: interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand, and employee retention.

Note that LinkedIn and Microsoft are automatically excluded from all such LinkedIn lists.


Here are the top 10:


Alphabet (of which Google is the largest division)





Comcast NBCUniversal

Walt Disney Company



For a complete list of the top 50 along with details about each company, see the article by Daniel Roth, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Top Companies 2018: Where the U.S. wants to work now


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