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Are You Ready to Be Googled?

BostonWorks: Jobs, Events, and Information from the Boston Globe:

“Ask not for whom the Web searches because someday soon it may be you.
By Alan R. Earls, Globe Correspondent, 1/9/05

If you’re looking for a job, be aware that prospective employers are taking a close look at you, too, in more ways than one.

A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that 23 percent of people search the Web for the name of a business associate or colleague prior to meeting them. And plenty of hiring managers Google prospective candidates as well.”

Laurie’s Comments:

Yet another sign of the times… Googling is here and it behooves career-advancement-minded executives to take heed! This is another front in the rapidly evolving executive employment marketplace that top executive resume writers are monitoring closely.

With research showing that YOU as a job candidate are likely to be the subject of online research by your potential employer, you’ll want to maximize your visibility on the Web. This can be accomplished through basic public relations tactics such as press releases (yes, you as an individual can do this through PR Newswire or PR Web), working actively to have yourself interviewed and quoted, maintaining a business-related “blog,” and maintaining a personal website and/or online career portfolio resume.

If creating and maintaining a website or webpage is too technical for you, you might try a commercial service such as those offered by ziggs.com, eliyon.com, zerodegrees.com, and www.ryze.com. You can also have a resume webfolio created and posted online for you by your executive resume writer (Creative Keystrokes offers a web resume development and posting service).