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Category: Age Factor & Ageism

Have You Been Asked Any of These Awful Job Interview Questions?

interview-canstockphotoA post I wrote recently on LinkedIn about How to Respond to Illegal Interview Questions generated quite a bit of interest and inquiries. Here is a sampling of just a few of the verboten questions or inappropriate statements interviewees have run into:

  • Are you dating someone?
  • How old are you? You are young enough to be my daughter.
  • Do you have any problems going out drinking with the office on Fridays?
  • How would your husband feel about you relocating for work?
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Avoiding Discrimination Based on Your Executive Resume

From the PeopleFlo blog, written by an executive recruiter, there are numerous ways in which you can be discriminated against, or as she cites the definition, have an “unjust or

What NOT to Include on Your Executive Resume

Alison Doyle writes some very insightful and savvy articles about different aspects of job search, and one she penned last month about The Top 15 Things Not to Include in

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Cities with the Worst Job Prospects if You’re Over 55

The Atlantic online magazine recently published a list of the ten cities with the highest unemployment rates for Americans 55 and older. There has been an unfortunate trend nationwide for

Afraid you are “overqualified” for a job? Thinking of “dumbing down” your resume?

There are wildly varying opinions on this topic, but in my opinion in some circumstances it may be warranted to “dumb down” your resume just a bit. If you need

Is Your Ultimate Goal CEO? Pathways to Get There

MBA Central (www.mbacentral.org) has recently developed a fascinating infographic about how to become a CEO. Many of my clients who are not yet in that category do aspire to get

Omitting Dates on Your LinkedIn Employment History

My executive clients often ask me how far back they should take their LinkedIn employment histories, and then if it is possible to omit dates of employment from some or

Executives Plan to Delay Retirement

According to a Society for Human Resource Management report, The U.S. Recession and Its Impact on Employee Retirement, 68% of human resource professionals have observed an increase in employees extending

Are You Over the Job Market Hill?

A concern frequently expressed by my executive clients and prospects is regarding the age factor. Many fear that they are going to be subject to age discrimination as early as

How to Sabotage Your Job Search with Your Resume

An article entitled “25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume” published a few days ago over on HR World’s blog made me chuckle. Not because most of the

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