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Category: Cover Letter Strategy

Add Sizzle to a Boring Cover Letter

Add Sizzle to Your Cover LettersCover letters can either excite a potential employer or bore him or her to tears.

A current executive resume writing client asked me for a few quick tips on adding some sizzle to his cover letters, and here is what I told him.

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Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot: 8 Ways Your Cover Letter Could be Sabotaging You

It has unfortunately been my experience with a few executive clients that they take the high-impact executive resume we developed and send it out “bare” to a potential employer–without a customized cover letter. This comprises the first, and often fatal cover letter self-sabotage.

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Could One Little Typo on My Executive Resume Torpedo My Chances?

TyposThe answer to that question is unfortunately, “Yes,” Especially in an “employer’s job market” where there are hundreds if not thousands of applicants for every available spot, recruiters and employers can be extremely picky. That little typo on your executive resume, cover letter, or application can mean you don’t get that interview–impressive as your documentation may have been otherwise.

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Will the Lack of a Degree Stop Your Ascent up the Executive Career Ladder?

Do you have nightmares about being eliminated from consideration for your dream executive job because you do not have a college degree? While it is a fact that some employers

How to Get a Job Insider’s Advantage on LinkedIn

Using the JobsInsider tool on LinkedIn is one way you can find those all-important but elusive “insider” contacts at companies with job openings that interest you. LinkedIn’s Help Center describes

Addressing Your Cover Letters: Do You Come Across as 19th Century?

We all know that when submitting your executive resume and cover letter for an executive position opening, it is important if at all possible to address it to a specific,

Are Cover Letters Obsolete?

As a member of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, I have been following and participating in an ongoing discussion of the obsolescence or continuing relevance of cover letters. The overwhelming

Are You a Detail-Oriented and Quality-Focused ‘Manger’?

I was amused to visit a couple of blogs recently that spotlight real resume blunders that not only are real but also no doubt really ruined many job candidates’ chances

Many Employers CANNOT View Your Windows Vista or Word 2007 Resume!

I was alerted this morning in one of my association newsletters to an issue that could have very serious consequences for executives sending their resumes to recruiters and employers as

A New Resource for Company Research

According to Weddles.com, there is a new and free online resource that can be of help in researching companies during your job search. Of course, traditional resources such as Vault,