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How to Write a Dynamite Executive Resume – With Samples

ResumeNeed help writing your executive resume? Would you like to view some samples? In order to win a coveted executive position whether it be at Director/VP level or Chief Executive Officer, you MUST have an executive resume that presents a compelling synopsis of your value proposition to that potential employer. Your executive resume needs to provide a powerful answer to the reader’s question, “What’s in it for me if I hire this person?” (known as WIFM).

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What To Do Before Leaving a Job

3businesspeopleIf you are leaving with a new job landed, remember to be humble. If you are leaving voluntarily without a new job landed, figure out your finances and make a budget beforehand. If you are leaving involuntarily, be sure to expedite preparation or updating of your executive resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Avoiding Discrimination Based on Your Executive Resume

From the PeopleFlo blog, written by an executive recruiter, there are numerous ways in which you can be discriminated against, or as she cites the definition, have an “unjust or

What NOT to Include on Your Executive Resume

Alison Doyle writes some very insightful and savvy articles about different aspects of job search, and one she penned last month about The Top 15 Things Not to Include in

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Could One Little Typo on My Executive Resume Torpedo My Chances?

TyposThe answer to that question is unfortunately, “Yes,” Especially in an “employer’s job market” where there are hundreds if not thousands of applicants for every available spot, recruiters and employers can be extremely picky. That little typo on your executive resume, cover letter, or application can mean you don’t get that interview–impressive as your documentation may have been otherwise.

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Did you know the lack of an online presence makes an interview less likely?

Handshake thru Computer ScreenI’ve been stressing the ever-growing importance of a solid, favorable online presence in executive career management and job search for some years now. A May 14 article on CareerBuilder.com confirms just how important it is.

Afraid you are “overqualified” for a job? Thinking of “dumbing down” your resume?

There are wildly varying opinions on this topic, but in my opinion in some circumstances it may be warranted to “dumb down” your resume just a bit. If you need

Pitfalls of Copying Content from Online Executive Resume Samples

The Internet is replete with sample executive resumes and format examples. All you have to do is perform a Google search for “executive resumes” or “executive resume sample” and you’ll

Is Your Ultimate Goal CEO? Pathways to Get There

MBA Central (www.mbacentral.org) has recently developed a fascinating infographic about how to become a CEO. Many of my clients who are not yet in that category do aspire to get

Infographic Vividly Shows Stats and Consequences of Lying on Resumes

A site called backgroundchecks.org has created an infographic that vividly shows the numerous ways that everyone from entry level workers to senior executives lie, exaggerate, or embellish their resumes–potentially endangering