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Category: Salary Trends & Strategy

Play Your Cards Close to the Vest When Employers Request Your Current Salary

There really is no good reason for prospective employers to insist you reveal your current salary (or past salaries) in order to be considered for hire. Any employer worth his/her salt knows that the salary offer should be based on a candidate’s value and reasonable market value of the position, completely independent of what their current or previous employers may have paid them.

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10 Considerations When You Have a Job Offer on the Table

You just got the call and a prospective employer wants you to come on board! The very first thing to consider is whether the salary and compensation package are what you could reasonably expect and be happy with. The financial aspect is critical, because the most wonderful work environment, challenging and satisfying role, and great work culture are not worth much if you can’t live comfortably on your salary or are feeling resentful that you are underpaid from day one.

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Executive Salary Negotiation: When It’s Time to “Show Me the Money”

You might think that the salary requirements question would be an easy one to answer, and that every executive looking for that next great opportunity would have a firm idea

CEOs: VC-backed Tech Firm Sector on Road to Recovery

Business Week’s CEO Guide to the Tech-Job Outlook raises hopes for an industry turnaround by 2010, with senior executives reporting that hiring at small, VC-funded firms is increasing. According to

IT Executive Gender Gap Reversal

An article featured on eWeek.com for January 24 reports some interesting findings on salaries in the IT field, particularly with relation to Information Technology executives. The long-standing gender gap favoring

Dwindling Perks and Benefits to Return?

The November 22 edition of the Herman Trend Alert indicates that a reversal of the recent trend toward elimination of benefits is underway. With an increasingly competitive employment market developing

Executive Salaries Moving Up

Just a quick news flash: After an extended period of decreases and stagnation in executive compensation, salaries appear to be on the rise! ExecuNet’s Director of Recruiting Services Jeff Peduto

Holding the Salary Card Close to the Vest

Executives conducting an employment search frequently run into a situation like this. You see a posting for a position that sounds as if it may be right for you, and

Downsizing the CEO

Business Week: The Boss On The Sidelines “If anybody needed proof that the new balance of power in Corporate America has shifted, Maurice R. ‘Hank’ Greenberg provided it on Sunday,