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Out of Work? Chin Up! All It Takes is One ‘Yes’

I find my work helping clients put their best foot forward with compelling executive resumes very rewarding in general, but it can also be distressing to see people suffering from the stressful, confidence-crashing effects of job loss, especially when unemployment has continued for an extended period. This is why Nick Corcodilos’ Ask the Headhunter column this morning especially struck a chord.

He encourages us, especially in this holiday season, to reach out to someone we know who is distressed, feeling alone or depressed due to the trials of unemployment in today’s economic climate. He relates the tragic story of his correspondence with a woman whose husband had been long-term unemployed and was sinking ever deeper into despair and seemingly paralyzed to continue his job search. One day he walked out and disappeared, to be found weeks later on a mountain trail–an apparent suicide.

As Nick reminds us in his article, though the job market circumstances are bad, this is no reflection on your worth–you are still good at your work. This down economy can produce successes, too–with perseverance. “You will hear ‘No’ a thousand times. You need just one ‘Yes,’ but you also need the perseverance to get to it.”

In this season in which we remember and are thankful for the unparalleled gift mankind received a little over 2000 years ago, give a friend or neighbor who is unemployed your gift of love in the form of encouragement. Help them to remember that there are other blessings in their lives such as their loved ones, and that this time of trial will pass.

P.S. You can view Nick’s full article at: http://www.asktheheadhunter.com/newsletter/OE20091222.htm

One comment on “Out of Work? Chin Up! All It Takes is One ‘Yes’
  1. Career Colleges says:

    Thank you for also putting Nick's link. I'm learning a lot from your blog.