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Executive Employment Market Trends – 2005

ExecuNet’s 2005 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

“Our 13th annual intelligence report captures the latest trends and developments in the senior level job market, and in the practices of candidate search. It gives you the detailed intelligence executives need to make informed career decisions.”

Laurie’s Comments:

If you are an executive considering making a career move in the near future, you’ll find some interesting intelligence in this report. (There is a good chance that you are. A recent ExecuNet survey revealed that of 505 currently employed executives surveyed, an astounding 77% plan to change jobs in the next 6 months!)

Among the numerous statistics and trends covered in the report are:

1) Healthcare and pharmaceutical/medical/biotech are expected to see growing demand for executives, even stronger than the healthy (no pun intended) demand maintained throughout the recession.

2) Financial services, business services, and high-tech are also expected to see growing demand.

3) Medium-sized companies ($51M to $200M in sales) are expected to see the greatest growth in hiring.

4) Business development and sales/marketing positions are expected to lead the way.

5) Frequent job and company changes have become the norm for today’s executive: Executives surveyed indicated that they on average change jobs every 2.8 years, companies every 3.6 years, and industries every 5 years.

The information cited above represents the tip of the iceberg of information to be gleaned from this report. You can download an executive summary of the report at no cost via the link at the top of this post. A full copy of the report is available to those who join ExecuNet’s CareerSmart network. I have consistently received good feedback from my executive resume writing clients who joined this network.