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Welcome to this newsletter or "blog," your source for authoritative and creative executive resume writing tips and samples, as well as career transition strategies. Here you will find timely articles and insightful commentary on the latest executive resume writing and executive job search issues and trends, with examples and important do's and don'ts. For information on executive resume writing assistance, visit
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This simply cannot be beat! If you would like some free pointers on how to write your executive resume, how to ace that interview, or just general job search techniques, you will want to visit the CareerHub blog. With a click of your mouse you may download any one or all of the free PDF eBooks authored thus far by the group of leading career experts who are contributors to this blog. More are expected to be published at intervals, so you’ll want to check back frequently.

I also recommend browsing the site as a regular part of your career development research. It is brimming with insightful commentary and strategic advice you will find invaluable in your employment search.