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How to Avoid a “Rick Perry” Phone Interview Moment

The About.com Job Search and Careers group on LinkedIn often has some very insightful and useful discussions. Today was no exception. Career counselor Marshall Karp offered a simple but great job search tip: “Have a list of your selling points or a resume by the telephone, in the event you get an unexpected interview invitation call.”

Along with developing and committing an “elevator speech” to memory, this is a strategy that I routinely advise my executive resume clients to use. I also recommend putting key points on a business card to index card sized cheat sheet, laminating it, and carrying it at all times–preferably in the handbag, coat, or pants pocket where their mobile phone is typically kept.

The recruiter call for that dream opportunity will more than likely come in when you least expect it, and probably when your mind is elsewhere. The last thing you want to do when you answer your phone is to come across as nonplussed, babbling, and scrambling for the right words to say. With your notes in hand, you can pick up that phone with confidence.