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How to Get a Job Insider’s Advantage on LinkedIn

Using the JobsInsider tool on LinkedIn is one way you can find those all-important but elusive “insider” contacts at companies with job openings that interest you.

LinkedIn’s Help Center describes JobsInsider as follows:

“JobsInsider is a tool that comes with the LinkedIn Browser Toolbar for either Internet Explorer or Firefox. When you search for a job outside of LinkedIn and have JobsInsider turned on, you’ll see:

• People in your network or groups who work at the company posting the job

• The option to request introductions to hiring managers and get your resume to the right person

JobsInsider currently works with Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist, Dice, Vault, and more. You can set it up to turn on automatically when browsing a job site and when you open your browser.”

Click “Tools” at the foot of any LinkedIn page to download the browser toolbar. Or go to:


In addition to the sites listed above, JobsInsider works with SimplyHired, a popular job aggregator site.

This handy tool will show you any connections you have with companies that have relevant job openings for you. You can also leverage JobsInsider for the jobs that many companies post directly on LinkedIn. In this instance, you’ll be able to view the level of your connection (first, second, third) to the hiring manager.

With an introduction or referral, your cover letter automatically becomes 10 times more powerful. You can then say “so and so referred me,” and your letter and executive resume will move to the top of the stack.