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Unbelievable: There’s a Published Guide to Lying on Your Resume

I thought I’d seen just about everything and that nothing could shock me anymore about the deteriorating morals in our society, but I was wrong. I was outraged upon receiving an alert this week regarding a press release put out by a former recruiter who not only openly advocates lying on your resume, but has published a book and a website to show you how to do it.

This blatantly unethical person seems to think that “everyone else is doing it” (that sounds like the typical child’s argument, doesn’t it?) and since employers are not completely up front in all aspects of hiring, lying about your qualifications on your resume is OK. I quote from his website (his grammatical errors and typos have not been corrected):

“Can this be considered lying? Perhaps, but don’t you deserve a shot a job you know you can do…. What about your prospective employer’s honesty? How open and honest are they to their employees and future employees? Anyone who’s read the newspaper or watched the evening news has witnessed the lack of integrity that runs rampant in today’s corporate world. In my experience very few employers will fully reveal any unpleasant details affecting the positions they advertise… It seems very hypocritical for a prospective employer to insist on applicants being entirely honest while they regularly conceal relevant job details.”

The fact that this person is a former executive recruiter really does take the cake. One wonders how many unqualified LIARS he placed with unwitting employers! I can’t imagine WHY he’s no longer a recruiter. Could it be because he got booted out of the profession?

Much as I would love to publicly name and put this unsavory person up for condemnation, I will not dignify or aid him in any way, certainly not by linking to or naming his website or publicizing his name. If you have an interest in what he is purveying, you are welcome to do a search engine inquiry on the subject. Any executives doing so need not contact me regarding assistance with their employment search. If you’d like a powerful, HONEST executive resume that will effectively market your qualifications, I will be happy to assist.