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Where Will You Find Your Next Job?

Those on the employment market will find the following statistics informative.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of all jobs “created”:

    • 32% are new ones.


  • 68% are to replace employees who left for one reason or another.



  • Of all hires made, 40% are selected from internal candidates.


Of special relevance to an executive in targeting his or her job search efforts is the fact that by far most jobs are with small to mid-size businesses:

    • 120 million employees work for 8 million employers.


  • 55% have fewer than 100 employees.



  • 81% have fewer than 500 employees.



  • Only 19% of workers are employed by companies with 500 or more employees.


These facts can be taken into consideration as you develop your executive resume and prepare yourself for the interview process. Certainly large-scale team management, financial management, and organizational process experience will be attractive to major employers and are well worth highlighting in your executive resume. However, since your best employment prospects lie with start-up to mid-tier companies, don’t forget to also promote qualities such as an entrepreneurial outlook, creativity, hands-on attitude, and ability to manage in situations of uncertainty–all of which will be of interest and value to these employers (and arguably, to much of the Fortune 500 as well).


One comment on “Where Will You Find Your Next Job?
  1. Mike says:

    Applying for a new job does seem like a daunting task according to the figures that you posted. I believe a companies need for employees has just been made more specialized in the past few years,and there are jobs out there. Besides building a strong network, finding a good Executive Recruiting firm doesn't hurt.